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Experience American summer camps!

An unforgettable summer at American Camp!

The camp experience is as mentally and emotionally fulfilling as it is challenging. In one word, it's UNFORGETTABLE! All participants, whether they are counsellors, campers, support staff or directors, end the summer with memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

WARNING! HARD WORK AHEAD! Working in a summer camp is hard work and should not be considered a vacation. Regardless of your role at camp, you are directly responsible for another person's child. This responsibility should never be taken lightly. Many of the camps where you might work will have stringent rules, including curfews, grooming requirements, and alcohol and smoking restrictions. To decide if this is the right program for you, be sure to consider all of these factors.

Summary of Conditions

American summer camp
Type of job Counsellor, Support Staff
Salary (other benefits) Negotiable with camp (pre-placed applicants only)
Accommodation Provided by camp.
Location of job placement Various locations across the US.
Duration of the placement 2.5 months
When to apply? The deadline for Camp USA is December 1.
Eligibility. Who can apply? All applicants must be at least 19 years of age by June 1, 2011.
Check details below.
Visa Required J1 Visa
Program Cost & Cancellation Please contact our office for details.

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Types of Counsellors

  1. General Counsellors
    These counsellors supervise a specific cabin of campers. They may also be asked to assist in activities or organize program events. General Counsellors usually sleep, eat and live in a cabin with their campers.
  2. Specialty Counsellors
    These counsellors teach specific activities such as tennis, ceramics, swimming or sailing to a series of groups throughout the summer. The may be reguired to sleep in cabins with campers and perform other general counsellors duties. At some camps, speciality counsellors teach an activity for a few hours a day, while at others they teach an activity for the entire day.
  3. Special Needs Counsellors
    Work with campers of various ages who have a wide variety of disabilities. They may have to bathe or lift campers or assist with administering medication. Previous experience in this field, while helpful, is not required; camps are primarily concerned with finding patient, energetic candidates who demonstrate a respect for the campers.

Types of Camps

We would also like to include the different types of camps:

  1. Traditional/private Individuals and families own and operate most traditional/private camps. Facilities are well maintained and campers usually come from higher- income backgrounds.
  2. Family/ Adult Parents and children can participate in activities together or separately. Facilities are usually vacation- style settings. Some camps cater exclusively to senior citizens.
  3. Religious Christian and Jewish organizations operate many camps in the U.S. Religious camps emphasize the value of their respective faiths through traditional camps activities. The level of religious involvement for staff will vary from camp to camp.
  4. Day Campers often spend 8 or more hours at camp each day, but do not sleep there. Day camps may be located in cities, on college campuses or traditional camp sites. Regardless of the location, camps must provide accommodations for international staff either at camp or with a host family.
  5. Underprivileged Non-profit organizations provide children from urban areas with a safe, positive outdoor experience. Camps seek staff with a background in youth or social work.
  6. Special Needs The camper population at a special needs camp may include children and/ or adults with physical, mental, behavioural and/ or learning disabilities. Campers participate in many traditional camp activities.
  7. All Boys/Girls Boys/girls - only camps provide a variety of traditional camp activities to build character and skills. These camps can be privately or agency operated. Some camps may have a brother or sister camp located nearby.
  8. Specialty Speciality camps emphasize one area of programming for the entire summer. Sports, music, and weight loss are common focuses of these camps.

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Eligibility. Who can apply?

    All applicants to the Camp USA Program must be:
  • Students, teachers, bona fide youth workers or individuals with specialised skills;
  • At least 19 years of age by June 1, 2011;
  • Strong English speakers;
  • Highly dedicated individuals who are committed to participating in the program for 8-15 weeks;
  • Available to work from June through late August, 2011 (the earlier you apply, the easier it will be to place you).
    Additionally, support staff must be:
  • Full-time university students with documentation to verify their student status;
  • No older than 28.

Anyone who has participated in the Work & Travel USA Program is not eligible for Camp USA Program.

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Terms and Conditions. Program cost

  1. Booking fee: J$ 500;
  2. Program cost:
    • If registered between 31st August and 30th September, Program cost is US$ 350 ONLY IF PAID IN FULL by 30th September.
    • If registered between October 1st, to October 30th, Program cost is US$ 450 ONLY IF PAID IN FULL by 30th October.
    • If registered between October 31st, to November 30th, Program cost is US$ 550 ONLY IF PAID IN FULL by November 30th.
  3. One-time Service Fee US$ 35;
  4. Insurance Fee US$ 35 per month.

Part of your fees will be donated to your University Career Services and one of the charities in Jamaica.

Pay Program Fees Online

To send your payment to Global Choices, you need to have opened a free Moneybookers account. If you are not already a Moneybookers user, please follow the link and register.

Once you are a member, you can upload money to your account and send instantly the payment to the email address


  1. The registration fee of $75 is non-refundable.
  2. You must return the DS - 2019 form and submit proof in the case of a visa denial. Global Choices Jamaica will refund you, less a $137 administrative fee.
  3. You will forfeit $110 of the program fee if you decide to cancel before June 30 and prior to a placement offer.
  4. If you're not yet placed and you cancel for a legitimate medical reason, Global Choices Jamaica will give you a refund of the program fee less a $60 administration fee upon presentation of documentation.
  5. Global Choices Jamaica reserves the right to suspend your participation in the program in case of late payment, and this will cause you to forfeit the $60 administration cost.

Pre-Placed Applicants

  • In case of a visa denial, pre-placed applicants are entitled to a refund of everything except $150 (and any applicable late fees) once the DS-2019 form is returned.
  • If a pre-placed applicant decides not to come for whatever reason, a refund of everything except $150 (and any applicable late fees) will be issued after the DS-2019 form is returned.
  • If a camp placement does not work out, Global Choices Jamaica will not find a new placement for that participant.
  • Under no circumstances will Global Choices Jamaica issue a refund to a participant who has already entered the US.

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Required documents

    Applicants must submit an application packet with the following:
  • Application form typed or printed in black ink, with all information completed Two references (1 skill, 1 open letter) from previous employers, professors, coaches or club leaders;
  • A copy of Police Background Check - the original report needs to be taken to the embassy;
  • Cover letter to the camp director - it may include a description of your family and community, an explanation of why you're interested in working at a camp, some work history, experience with children and how you personally intend to contribute to the camp community;
  • Curriculum Vitae written in US format - cannot be longer than one page;
  • Proof of Student Status - required only for applicants interested in Support Staff positions; it can be either a form from the University or a Global Choices form;
  • Two official passport photos;
  • Photocopy of passport;
  • Copies of all recent certifications relevant to your intended position at the camp;
  • CCI or Special Needs supplements for applicants who intend to work at a religious or special needs camp;
  • Photographs - 1-2 pages relevant to skills and/or experience with children;
  • Medical form filled and signed by a doctor; if you don't provide this form to the camp, you will be responsible for the costs associated with medical examination in the US.
    For pre-placed applications, Global Choices requires the following:
  • A completed pre-placed application and all materials requested therein;
  • One reference - can be a written evaluation from previous summer;
  • One copy of confirmed placement offer on camp stationery;
  • Health insurance through Global Choices for at least two months;
  • A completed medical form;
  • Police Background Check.

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Work permits and visa

    You need to apply for a J-1 Visa at the US Embassy or Consular Office in your home country. You will be required to submit:
  • Completed and signed visa application form (Form 156). You can either download the form here, or pick one up at your US Embassy;
  • Your DS-2019 form - this is proof of your sponsorship;
  • A valid passport for travel to the USA with an expiry date that is at least six months longer than the end date of your program;
  • One photograph showing your face with no hat against a light background;
  • An official receipt confirming that the proper fees were paid to the US Embassy.

Even if you receive a visa, the US Department of Immigration and Naturalisation may deny your entrance into the United States.

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Counsellors and Support Staff may live either together with campers or separately. Camps have a variety of sleeping facilities: cabins, tents, A-frames and dorms. The bathroom facilities may be in the cabin or in a centralized location.

Flights, Pay and Expenses

Flights to USA

All flights for the students will be booked by Global Choices, except for the students who have buddy passes. Buddy passes must be presented to Global Choices and examined before acceptance.

Flight deposits of 250 USD must be paid to Global Choices by 1st February. The balance of the air fare should be paid within one day after confirmed booking.

Do not hesitate to contact our staff should you have any questions.

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