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Introduction to Work and Travel USA

Work & Travel USA is, as its name suggests, an exchange visitor program that gives you the opportunity to work and travel in the United States. As a participant, you’ll have a unique chance to experience life in the U.S. as more than just a tourist. You will also be able to share your own traditions and culture with the American people, as well as other international students.

Once you meet the requirements of the program and you’re accepted, Global choices will do the following:

  • First, we will provide you with the proper documents so you can obtain a visa;
  • Second, we guarantee you a job offer, which generally includes pre-arranged, affordable housing;
  • Third, you will get further information regarding the parameters of the Work & Travel program and living and working in the U.S.

Summary of Conditions

Work and Travel USA - Summary of Conditions
Type of job Entry-level jobs in hospitality industry.
Salary (other benefits) USD 7.25-10 depending on the position. Federal minimum wage of USD 7.25 per hour is paid in non-tipped positions.
Accommodation Available at average of USD 75 to 125 per week. We find reasonably priced housing for most participants.
Location of job placement USA, various locations.
Duration of the placement 3 - 4 months during your university vacation, after which you are allowed to travel up to 1 month within US.
When to apply? According to the deadlines.
Eligibility. Who can apply? All applicants must be 18-30 years old.
Check Eligibility for more details.
Visa Required J1 visa.
Program cost & Cancellation Please read below or contact our office.
Apply for the program!

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Work placement details

During the summer, you will work side by side with your U.S. counterparts at temporary entry-level jobs. It allows you to earn modest spending money and, at the same time, offset some living and travel expenses during your stay. After finishing your work commitment, you have an optional travel period to sightsee and further explore the American landscape.

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Eligibility. Who can apply?

In order to apply you must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years, and enrolled in a college or university outside of the US. You have to be able to function in an English speaking society. Applicants must arrive in the USA before employment is scheduled to begin, and they must be able to stay for the duration of the program. They must also be capable of performing the duties and tasks outlined in the job description. Finally, all participants must prove that they have sufficient funds to financially support themselves upon arrival in the US.

You must be a student at one of the following schools

Please check that you are a student at one of the following educational institutions.

  • B & B Institute of Business,
  • Bethel Bible College,
  • Bethlehem Moravian College,
  • Brown’s Town Community College,
  • Caribbean Graduate School of Theology,
  • Caribbean Maritime Institute,
  • Catholic College of Mandeville,
  • Church Teachers’ College,
  • Colbourne College,
  • College of Agriculture Science and Education,
  • College of Insurance and Professional Studies,
  • Crowne Institute of Professional Studies,
  • Dental Auxiliary School,
  • Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts,
  • Excelsior Community College (EXED),
  • Franciscan College of Jamaica,
  • G.C. Foster College,
  • Institute for Theological & Leadership Development,
  • Institute of Business and Technical Skills,
  • International College of the Cayman Islands,
  • International University of the Caribbean,
  • Jamaica Bible College,
  • Jamaica Constabulary Staff College,
  • Jamaican Institute of Management,
  • Jamaica Theological Seminary,
  • Justice Training Institute,
  • Knox Community College,
  • Management Institute for National Development (MIND),
  • Media Technology Institute,
  • Mel Nathan College, Mico College,
  • Moneague College,
  • Montego Bay Community College,
  • NCB Staff Training Centre,
  • National College of Management and Business,
  • Northern Caribbean University,
  • Nova Southeastern University,
  • Portmore Community College,
  • Professional Trainers Institute,
  • Royale College of Arts and Social Sciences,
  • Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College,
  • Shortwood Teachers’ College,
  • St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College,
  • Suriname College of Hospitality and Tourism,
  • University College of the Caribbean,
  • University of Technology of Jamaica,
  • University of the West Indies,
  • Vector Technology Institute,
  • Vocational Training Development Institute,
  • Western Hospitality Institute.

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Program cost for Work and Travel USA

The registration period is 31st August until February 1st. Registrations and applications can be accepted by Global Choices approval ONLY under certain circumstances if all registration and program fees are paid at the time of registration.
The registration and program fee depends on the date when the student pays these fees in full. The registration fee and the program fee will accumulate with every deadline that is missed. If you fail to meet the deadlines, the fees will increase until your payment is complete. If the student registers and pays registration fee and program fee in full according to the dates specified below these are the fees to be paid in FULL:

Work and Travel USA - Fees and Payment Options

Program Registration Fee

US $30

To send your payment to Global Choices, you need to have opened a free Moneybookers account. If you are not already a Moneybookers user, please follow the link and register.

Once you are a member, you can upload money to your account and send instantly the payment to the email address

Part of you fees will be donated to your University Career Services and one of the charities in Jamaica.

Self-Arranged Program Fees

  1. 1st September – 30th September - 750 USD;
  2. 1st October – 31st October – 760 USD;
  3. 1st November – 30th November – 770 USD;
  4. 1st December – 31st December – 780 USD;
  5. 1st January – 31st January – 790 USD;

The following fees should be paid in full after the deadlines stated above and at the time of registration upon approval of Global Choices if there is availability in the program:.

31st January – 31st May – 800 USD

Job Assistance Fee

  1. 1st September – 30th September - 850 USD;
  2. 1st October – 31st October – 950 USD;
  3. 1st November – 30th November – 1050 USD;
  4. 1st December – 31st December – 1150 USD;
  5. 1st January – 31st January – 1250 USD.

The following fees should be paid in full after the deadlines stated above and at the time of registration upon approval of Global Choices if there is availability in the program:

31st January – 31st May – 1300 USD

Other conditions and deadlines

  • The registration fee is non-refundable;
  • Insurance coverage is included in the program fee;
  • 35 USD SEVIS fee is (non refundable) included in the program fee and can be increased due to the changes of this fee by US authorities;
  • The fee for US Embassy visa appointment (10 USD) is non refundable and included in the program fee;
  • The final deadline for full payment of the program fee is 1st February;
  • The fee for US Embassy visa fee is NOT included in the program fee and it is 12,600 JMD, which should be paid at any NCB branch island wide; (Please note that this is not a fee charged by Global Choices and by no means refundable by Global Choices at any circumstances whatsoever);
  • Each additional visa appointment will attract 10 USD. If applicant misses his/her first visa appointment, there is no guarantee that Global Choices will set another appointment before the job starts and takes no responsibility for the loss of the job due to the applicant’s negligence.

Cancellation and refund policy for Global Choices (Jamaica)

  1. The registration fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation at any time.
  2. Cancellations received after being accepted to the program and before receiving a job placement confirmation will be subjected to a refund of the program fee less US$ 150.
  3. Cancellations received after the job offer was presented to the applicant and before DS forms have been issued are subject to a refund of the program fee less US$300.
  4. Cancellations received after DS form has been issued are subject to no refund.
  5. In case of visa denial, the unused DS2019 form must be returned to GLOBAL CHOICES (Jamaica) with proof of denial, after which refund will be issued less:
    •     US$ 250 if Global Choices (Jamaica) is advised about visa denial BEFORE the scheduled DS start date + US$ 35 SEVIS;
    •     US$ 400 if Global Choices (Jamaica) is advised about visa denial WITHIN 2 weeks AFTER the originally scheduled DS start date + US$ 35 SEVIS;
    •     There is no refund if Global Choices (Jamaica) is advised about visa denial MORE THAN 2 weeks after the originally scheduled DS start date.
  6. The participant is not eligible for a refund once he/she has entered the U.S. This includes: changing of jobs, termination of employment and or/early departure from the U.S. back to the home country.
  7. The applicant can be withdrawn from the program at anytime with no refund whatsoever due to improper conduct towards staff of Global Choices, other participants of the program, Sponsors and Employers.
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Global Choices Budget PlanUSD
Registration Fee30
Programme Fee750
Visa Fee140
Additional Money Needed 
Plane Ticket (depends on the time of purchase)400
Pocket Money (rent, food, transportation until first pay check)500
Estimated Income (depends on the individual) 
May 15-31(30hrs per week/ 7.50 per hr)(2wks)450
June (40hrs per week/7.50 per hr)(4wks)1200
July (social security# received and 2nd job acquired) (at least 20hrs from 2nd job) (60hrs per wk/ 7.50per hr)(4wks)1800
August (60hrs per wk/7.50 per hr)(4wks)1800
Total income5250
Estimated Expenditure 
Total Global Choices Fees (with Job Search)750
Visa fee140
Plane fare400
Rent (320 per month) 3 months960
Transportation (50 per months@3.5months)175
Food and Miscellaneous (10per day @ 7days per week)840
Total Expenditure3265
Estimated Net Profit (Income - Total Expenditure)1985

Net profit USD 1985 × 85 = JMD 168,725 (contribution towards your school fee)

Please note that all figures are only estimates and are subject to change and vary based on individual effort and circumstances.

Required Documents

  • The filled out Global Choices online registration form and hard copy application form to be presented to Global Choices by the deadlines stated above;
  • CV/Resume with current colour smiling photo;
  • Copy of passport;
  • School ID;
  • University Transcript with above 2.0 GPA to be presented at the US embassy on the date of your interview;
  • Criminal check (only upon request of Global Choices).

Flights, Pay and Expenses

Flights to USA

All flights for the students participating in the program for the first time and/or using job assistance service will be booked by Global Choices, except for the students who have buddy passes. Buddy passes must be presented to Global Choices and examined before acceptance.

Flight deposits of 250 USD must be paid to Global Choices by 1st March. The balance of the airfare should be paid within one day after confirmed booking. If the balance is not paid within 24 hours of confirmed booking, your tickets will be cancelled and 50 USD booking fee will be retained by Global Choices.

All Self-arranged applicants will be refunded 250 USD flight deposit in 7 days after presenting their return tickets to Global Choices and submitting refund request form. If applicant presents only one-way ticket, only 125 USD will be refunded, the remaining 125 USD of flight deposit will be refunded after submitting his/her return ticket to Global Choices.

Participant Program Expenses

  • The participant is responsible for all travel expenses within the U.S. This includes to the orientation site and to the job placement community.
  • GLOBAL CHOICES (Jamaica) does not arrange nor provide the participant with housing. GLOBAL CHOICES (Jamaica) does offer housing resource advice through our website. All expenses related to housing and daily living including rent, utilities, furnishings, groceries etc. are the responsibility of the participant.
  • The participant should be aware that some jobs will have flexible starting dates due to weather conditions. The participant is advised to arrive in the U.S. prepared with sufficient funds (USD$800 minimum) to cover all expenses until he/she begins earning a wage.
  • The participant is responsible for any and all travel expenses incurred after the work program and during the optional 30-day travel period.
  • The participant’s payment while working in the U.S. will be at least the minimum wage as set by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The salary you will get should cover the cost of living and enable you to save some extra money to help reduce travel expenses. With a Global Choices job, you can generally expect a 6-8 hour work day and a 5-6 day work week; you will probably be working 35-40 hours a week. You can expect to receive the Federal minimum wage. This amounts to $7.25 per hour in non-tipped positions.

Our partners in the USA take great care to make sure that all job offers provide a fair wage in relation to the cost of living in the area. Applicants should also keep in mind that most jobs are dependent upon tourist activity. Employees are generally paid every two weeks. Depending on when you start your job, you may not to receive your first pay for the first 3-4 weeks. We recommend having at least USD 600-700 USD upon arrival above the cost of travel to jour job, first month’s rent, and a security deposit for housing, if applicable.

Please, remember that the goal of the Global Choices Work & Travel program is to provide a cultural exchange. The knowledge and experiences that you gain from this program will be the result of your own efforts and enthusiasm. Your summer will be what you make of it – so make it great!

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Do not hesitate to contact our staff should you have any questions.

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