COVID-19: ‘Our Chance to Rework Our Values’


What world would you like to see emerge post-Covid-19? Globally, during the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been growing acknowledgment that the world can and should not return to business-as-usual.

From the clearer skies to animals roaming free as anthropogenic, capitalist activity lessens, the potential benefits of a calmer reality are being noticed. In the spirit of this forward-thinking, and to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, our Angels expressed their vision for the world post-Covid-19, and in response others shared theirs. Caty Batten, Founder of Intaconnected, is among those who shared her wishes for the world. Thank you, Caty, for your thoughtful piece.

They remain the same as they did pre Covid, of course, however, I think I may now have a little more hope for their potential to become a reality. Let’s see.”

The world I want to see is one where humans realise that life, and life’s support systems, lie without their visibility and beyond the walls of their homes and office buildings. I want this catastrophe to have provided perspective, time and space, for each one to consider what life could look like without freedom, without access to the outside world many formerly took for granted, without nature to calm our minds and without options to earn a living. Covid-19 is a small glimpse into the future we are hurtling towards, yet the scale and impact of final climate breakdown will not find remedy nor an end point. Our choices are our only vaccine and we need to deploy them now.

I hope this extended moment will reconnect the global human consciousness to the understanding and appreciation of our interconnectedness. With each other, with our precious ecosystems and with the other life forms with whom we co-habit this home, Earth. That none of us is immune from another’s actions and choices. We have an opportunity to extend greater awareness, to reconnect those who have been disconnected, for us all to listen and choose. We have the tools and knowledge to implement the changes that serve only to improve our lives, those of others, and those for whom Earth still awaits.

We have the capacity to rework our systems, to embrace a smart progression into a new era that speaks to ancient wisdom and scientific understanding. Now is our chance to rework our values, and acknowledge that each one of us has a responsibility to secure our own future, that we hold ourselves fully accountable for our actions, and that each one action matters, for we are all interconnected.

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