Earth Day #50

In anticipation of the global celebration of the 50th Earth Day, our Angels answered the question: ‘What world do you want to see emerge post-Covid-19?’ We are incredibly proud of our Angels’ responses, reflecting their goodwill and imagination. ‘I see a world awake and teeming with wildlife once again’ – Astrid ‘I would like for […]

Arctic Angel Whole Systems Workshop: Investment in Leadership for the Future

On the 7th September 2023, 10 Arctic Angels convened in Évora, Portugal for a three-day in-person workshop all about our interconnected Earth systems and the importance of protecting our Arctic sea ice. After months of preparation, days of travel and hours of anticipation, Global Choices successfully completed our first ever in-person workshop for the Arctic […]

One Young World 2022 – Sharona’s Reflections

“[One Young World] gave me hope that one day we will be the ones in power and the confidence that we will use it to prioritize the survival of people over profit.” Sharona Shnayder is a 22 year old Nigerian-Israeli environmental activist and Arctic Angel mobilizing for climate justice in the Middle-East. She is the […]

Intergenerational Wisdom and Knowledge Sharing Between Women

Anna Kate Belinkski has been a passionate environmentalist and outdoor recreation enthusiast since a young age. Growing up in Aspen, Colorado, she spent much of her life exploring the outdoors and championing its value and necessary conservation. Anna is most passionate, though, about human-nature relationships and intersectional environmentalism as a social justice movement. For International […]

“Why did I go to Antarctica?”

Divya Nawale, an Arctic Angel, 2041 Alumni and one of Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen in 2020, shares her experience travelling to Antarctica twice over with the 2041 ClimateForce team on the International Antarctic Expedition. In November 2021, Global Choices will be sending 2 young people to join this expedition and is holding a competition for […]

COVID-19: ‘Our Chance to Rework Our Values’

What world would you like to see emerge post-Covid-19? Globally, during the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been growing acknowledgment that the world can and should not return to business-as-usual. From the clearer skies to animals roaming free as anthropogenic, capitalist activity lessens, the potential benefits of a calmer reality are being noticed. […]

Ice Melt in the Himalayas: A Story From Kulum

Last year, Alex Felstead filmed a short documentary on the village of Kulum, in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas, telling the story of water scarcity on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Whilst narrating this everyday reality in Kulum, the film places our interconnectedness and consequent responsibility to act as a global collective under […]

“How Can My Actions Impact the Arctic?”

Often marginalized from global thinking, the Arctic is critical for global climate security. It is also on the frontlines of the climate crisis and suffering from the effects of anthropogenic activity. But how can our everyday actions impact the Arctic? Leticia Guzman Ingram, a US Teacher of the Year, National Geographic awardee and the Arctic […]

“If not me, then who?”

Taegen Yardley is a 17 year old conservation activist and Arctic Angel, from Vermont, USA. Taegen believes whole-heartedly in the power of the individual voice and has dedicated her time to filmmaking and mobilizing youth to raise awareness of the ecological crisis. Since the age of twelve, I have been making short documentaries that are […]