How to Use a Weed Eater

How to Use a Weed Eater

Most people think that mowing a lawn is an easy job. Well, it is if you got the right tools for h job. Most case most people do not take time to understand the tools and ideas that go in to acquiring the perfect lawn. Therefore it hard to know of such tools and expertise it takes when handling a lawn, for example using a weed eater to get the best results. To get the perfect results, it is important that you know what tools to use and how to use them properly.

Using a Weed Eater

 How to Use a Weed Eater Before you start using your weed eater, make sure to have protective clothing. Most people hate having the overalls on but they help a lot. By putting it on you protect yourself against dirt and things the weed eater might throw at you. The overall, you can forego, the protective glasses however, are imperative. Your eve is delicate. Just one thing touching it gently could be catastrophic. Imagine what will happen if the weed eater throws something and it hits your eye… it could cost you your sight. It is therefore important that before you start using your weed eater, you have protective clothes on.

The first thing you should do with your weed eater once you are on your grass is check the direction arrow. This will help you know which direction to mow in. This will allow you to have grass that do not just look neat but looks like it has been mowed by a professional.

The next step is turn on your best weed eater. Before you do this, put on your protective glasses. This will protect you from anything the weed cutter will throw at you once it is switched on. Once you switch it on, start mowing in the direction of the button.

Holds the weed eater facing the direction indicated by the button and tilt the weed eater about two or three inches above the ground. This will help prevent you from mowing your lawn bald. It is important that you keep the distance between the weed eater and the ground the same so that you do not end up with grass o uneven height. For the corners, along sidewalks, driveways and curbs, tilt the weed eater about thirty degrees to the let then ma. This will ensure that you have the grass in really tight corners trimmed.
If it has been a while before you trimmed your grass, you will have to start by trimming the weeds from the top of the weeds down. You might have to repeat the process severally but the outcome will be satisfying and fruitful.


Just like any other product out there, weed eaters are pretty different from each other. It is important that when you are looking or a weed eater, you consider the brand, specifics of the machine and the price. When you do this, you will be able to end up with the best weed eater in the market.

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Are Weeds Threatening Ruin Your Summer Fun? Whack ’em With A Top Of The Line Weed Trimmer

Summer is finally here and you are getting ready for and outdoor BBQ with your friends and family. You look out in the backyard and to your horror. You see weeds have overgrown your patio and are encroaching on your deck as well.

What to do? You could whip out the shears and clip them away. But, by the time you do the sun will have set and your Que will never have gotten off the ground.

weed eater reviews 2015

You have another alternative though. You can use your weed eater to clear out the weeds and other underbrush that is marring the beauty of your property. No, we aren’t talking about one of those dinky electric weed whackers that sound like an angry hornet.

We are talking about real power and today you’ll learn about 3 that not only have the power to keep your backyard immaculate, but are easy to wield as well.

You are going to be introduced to 3 of the best on the market today and you can then choose the one that suits your needs best.

The power of a good Trimmer: 2 cycle String Trimmers

These are smaller trimmers and as their name suggest their engines use a two stroke system and run with a high-speed wrrrrrrrl that cuts through most undergrowth and brush that surround a suburban home these days

They are a bit heavier than those cheap electric models, but they make up for it by being able to clear your yard of pesky weeds and edge the sidewalk and patio as well.

For the heavy stuff, you need a 4-cycle string Trimmer powerhouse

With a 4 stroker, you have a larger engine and a slower RPM that of a 2 Cycle string trimmer. However, they have the advantage of no mixing of oil and fuels as with 2 stroke trimmers

However, they have the power to blast away weeds and you can feel the power as it roars as it cuts through that hard tangled growth.

For those who live in rural areas and the road clearing crews are around infrequently to clear the edge of the road passing your home.

This type of trimmer gets the work done as well for those living in the Burbs as well and can clear your entire property in a very short period of time.

Just in time for that backyard Barbecue or pool party.

When your weeds are up to your knees, you need a husky!
Husqvarna has been in the power tool business for years and is recognized worldwide as being one of the best and when you look at the “Husqvarna 224L 18-Inch 25cc 4-Stroke Professional Straight Shaft String Trimmer”, you’ll see why professional groundsmen rely on it to get their work done.

It has a 25 cc engine that is powerful enough for an ATC had is used to give you 4 stroke power to get the work done and yet is lightweight at only a fraction over 11 pounds.

It starts quickly and simply with a no mix and Husqvarna’s innovative Smart Start system, so it will start quickly and no more blisters pulling a starter cord.

It also has:

  1.  An 18-inch cut radius
  2.  Balanced for ease of use
  3.  No mixing of gas and oil needed

You get the best of the best with this weed cutting Juggernaut.


  1. Starts Fast
  2. Double finger switch to prevent throttling problems
  3. Designed for the Pro who has to get an area cleared quickly
  4. Powerful
  5. Handles like a broom and gets the work done



  1. Very Powerful, so Gloves and Goggles are mandatory to use it properly
  2. Some have had to take apart the clutch assembly to get it to rotate freely


Reviewer’s thoughts

Husky has been around as long as this reviewer has and has never disappointed.

The 224L has the power to get the work done in 1/2 the time your ordinary weed eater does and with less effort.

The only drawbacks are that is can’t be used in California and in some instances the assemblers lacked the upper body strength to properly tighten the screws in the clutch assembly. This is easily gotten around.

Sadly, this reviewer can only rate the 224L at 4.5 stars out of 5 as having your product assembled in the Pacific Rim can give problems that require you to take an Allan wrench to do it yourself.

After that is taken care of the machine, is a weed monster and will clear your property like nobody’s business.

This is what you want in the first place and is worth a little assembly work to achieve. You can look one over for yourself on Amazon

Poulan will change your mind about Asian products
The Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer is a surprise to those who expect poor performance in a yard trimmer made in China.

It has a 25 cc engine that provides the power your backyard or property needs. But, it is also quiet on the ears (Wear earplugs anyway).

You have a 17″ cut that makes quick work of the toughest weeds and the unit can accept the “Grass Gator” head to annihilate those thickly overgrown areas with ease.

You also have ease of operation with an ergonomic design that makes this weed eater one of the best on the market today.

  • You also get with it:
  • Tap-N-Go String extension
  • A dual Boom that uses Poulan’s ProLink system to transmit the engine’s power through the shaft to the cutting head

So if you have a tough backyard or property that gets overgrown in the summer, then the Poulan Pro will clear it out fast and simple for you so you can enjoy your yard once more.


  • 4 Stroke Power
  • No Mix
  • Clears out the heaviest weeds quickly
  • Can handle Ryobi attachments
  • Uses less Gas than many other models
  • Using a “Grass Gator” attachment will cut through 1″ saplings and 1 1/2″ stalks


  • Plastic in place of metal on the shaft hold things together
  • Some units have arrived defective. However, Amazon replaced them quickly

Reviewer’s thoughts

It used to mean if something was made in China, it was inferior to something made in the US. Now if you notice nothing is made in America anymore, having said that this reviewer was pleasantly surprised at the performance of the Poulan Pro.

It has the power to get the work done fast and it handles easily. While it is quiet, one should still wear eye and ear protect along with gloves of course.

All in all this is a good weed cutter that will fit into most homeowners lawn tool collections with ease.

The only concern the reviewer had was with the use of plastic and the use of a single screw to holds the shaft together.

Other than that, this machine should provide you with a workhorse to keep your yard weed free and your sidewalks edged Bristol fashion. This reviewer gives the Poulan Pro two thumbs up and a 4.0 star rating.

Hitachi does more that make stereos and electronics
With the Hitachi CG22EASSLP 21.1cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer, You can see how far Japan has changed in the intervening years since the end of WWII. Their products are now top of the line in just about any field you’d care to name. It is the same for Lawn tools and the CG22EASSLP is a prime example.

First off, it has a 21″ cut radius, which puts it into a category of weed cutters that gives you a wide swath of clearance quickly.

Its Smart Start system reduces your efforts to start it by 50%. It also flaunts its 4″ semiautomatic head that get the line out there when you need it.

Its low vibration and ergonomic design makes this weed cutter a dream to use and being lightweight and gets into those hard to reach areas.

It also provides you with:

  • CARB compliant, One of a new generation gas Grass cutters that California will allow
  • 21.1 cc 2 cycle engine provides the right enough of power to get the job done right the first time.


  • Lightweight, Can be used by almost everyone
  • Hitachi is a brand noted for reliability and it shows with the amount of work it does
  • Cuts broad-leaf as well as stems with ease over large areas
  • No vibration
  • Reliable


  • Some users report gas line leaks
  • Customer service is spotty at time depending on where you are living.

Reviewer’s thoughts
Hitachi puts out a good product and it has a 21″ cut radius, which is a joy to behold. However, the drawback is a problem with the fuel line.

While the gas line problem can be fixed DIY by a quick trip to your Home Improvement Center. This should be addressed by Hitachi as it marrs an otherwise fine product. Otherwise, it works fine, clears the brush/weeds out fast, and is easily handled.

However with all it has going for it this reviewer can only in clear conscious rate it at 4.0 stars for the reason mentioned above.

Once this is corrected, you’ll have yourself an excellent weed removal lawn tool that will last for many summers to come.

Final thoughts by someone who has cut bush and cleared weeds for 4 decades
When you are looking for the best weed eater that is to be found on the net? You now have been introduced to 3 that fits the bill.

Each has good points and they all have few drawback.

The only thing you have to do is take a look at your property and decide which of them fits in best with what you have to deal with and your budget.

Weeds need not deter you from having fun this summer with the right weed trimmer you can cut your workload down and simply your weekend chores leaving you with more free time to enjoy your yard instead of sweating keeping it clear and clean.

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