The Youth COP COY16 kicked off at Glasgow COP26

Arctic Angels Emma, Divya, Chess and Alexandria doing a workshop on why we need a moratorium to protect the Central Arctic Ocean Ice. We Can’t Plant Ice. Uniting Youth for our Arctic future. “Best workshop I’ve been to at COY” – comment from an attendee: “Well done GC/Arctic Angels!”

COY Dinner. Inge with Arctic Angels Divya (India), Maria (Colombia), Emma (U.K.), Chess (U.K.) Alexandria (USA)

Lovely to have 9 of our Arctic Angels gathered for dinner – some of whom we hadn’t met in person because of lockdown.

Hosted by the Cryosphere Pavilion, The Global Choices team make the case for a 10-year moratorium to protect the Central Arctic Ocean Ice.

“I gained new perspectives and heard personal stories from all around the world on climate action resulting from a changing climate. Being surrounded by so many like-minded individuals was empowering and life-changing!” — Lexi Haskins

Peaceful Fridays for Future March headed by Indigenous leaders and Greta together with Arctic Angels Xiye, Mitzi & Alexandria. Hundreds of thousands marched for climate in cities across the world.

Global Choices and Arctic Angels spoke at a number of events hosted by the NYT Climate Hub – Divya

Women Must Lead Now - Young Female Voice for Change
Arctic Angel Evelyn on a panel with President Mary Robinson.
Inge Relph, Robert Swan, Zanagee, Lexi & Alessandra
Vasser - Extreme Hangout
Inge - Sustainable Innovation Forum
Stop Ecocide

Global Choices Youth Impact Award 2021 to
Xiye Bastida

Arctic Angels supporting Xiye’s award

Bumping into Friends and Advisors

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