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The Arctic is under threat and needs defending – let’s join forces!


Join the Arctic Ice Force

Why Should We Care?

The melting ice impacts someone in Samoa as much as someone in Sweden! We need to galvanise globally to protect this global commons – the Central Arctic Ocean Ice Shield (CAOIS) – the Earth’s indispensable cooling system. The Arctic Ice Force brings passionate people – Arctic Ice Defenders – together, to advocate for the protection of the CAOIS.

We are all Global Citizens; anyone, any age, anywhere can join the Arctic Ice Force to:

  • Help raise the Ice Crisis to the top of the Global Agenda and hold Global Leaders to account for emissions reductions.
  • Support our call for a 10-year Moratorium – a pause to protect the Arctic from exploitation.
  • Exercise your power by becoming part of a global community taking action.

    Defend your right as a Global Citizen to a sustainable future!

“The Central Arctic Ocean Ice Shield is crucial to environmental stability in the Arctic and around the world. Human activities that would break apart the sea ice threaten to accelerate the impacts of climate change and result in ecosystem destruction. The Arctic Ice Force is ready to fight for a moratorium on exploitation of the Arctic”

Zanagee Artis, Arctic Ice Defender

“We need an Ice Force to defend the Arctic Sea Ice as a hope spot for our collective future.”

Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

Support our Action on the Polar Ice Crisis!


Your donation to Global Choices supports our mission to drive action on the Ice Crisis, so we can protect the Polar Ice and the ecosystems it supports in Arctic and Antarctica.