Chess Reflects on Her Experience at One Young World 2022

As I stepped onto my train to Manchester and started the journey northwards, my imagination went into overdrive as I begun piecing together what the next few days might hold. I was overcome with that feeling in my chest – the mixture of nervousness, excitement, anticipation, readiness for learning and listening. I’m not sure there’s […]

Edie Sustainable Leaders Forum: Business for Good 

With the aim of having a positive and meaningful impact in all she does, Chess is an environmentalist, concerned global citizen and accomplished activist within her local community. For Earth Day 2022 she reflects on attending the edie Sustainable Leaders Forum as an Arctic Angel. I have always had a long fascination with the etymology […]

Fridays For Future x Bristol

Environmentalist and concerned global citizen Chess Fearnley is an accomplished activist within her local community. Chess’ connected ethos and care for the Earth has led her to champion the transition of her town, Malmesbury, towards Plastic Free Community status, as well as developing the pro-active Malmesbury Climate Action Network. On the 28th of March, wearing […]