Earth Day #50


In anticipation of the global celebration of the 50th Earth Day, our Angels answered the question: ‘What world do you want to see emerge post-Covid-19?’

We are incredibly proud of our Angels’ responses, reflecting their goodwill and imagination.

‘I see a world awake and teeming with wildlife once again’ – Astrid

‘I would like for people to connect to each other’ – Sage

‘There is the ability to unite globally and make policies for urgent action and crisis’ – Lexi

‘Moving forward, and as we come out of this, because we will, I would love people to become more aware of their impact on our Global Commons’ – India

‘I would like to emerge to a world of collaboration, where we hold ourselves collectively accountable for our impact on the Earth, and all life that inhabits it’ – Emma

‘My vision is that we choose people and planet over profit’ – Vasser

‘One little change in our life, like not driving to work every day, can have a huge positive impact on the Earth’ – Glenna

‘My hope is that we don’t go back to normal’ – Chess

What do you see?

Please share your vision for the world that you would like to emerge after the Covid-19 pandemic with us. Let us know your thoughts and/or film your own piece – share with us on Instagram, or send via email.

Imagine together, change together. Happy Earth Day – Every day.

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